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There are a number of people and organisations I would like to thank for support, inspiration and encouragement during and after my surgeries for invasive lobular cancer (ILC). 


My mum. Of course. I miss her every day. 

My partner. My daughter. My family and friends in Whitley Bay.


Penelope Payne. Dear Penny. Thank you for spending all those hours with me while I had chemo. Thank you for baking me kale cake. And thank you for making me feel I could produce 'something' to express my feelings about this stuff, even though I'm no artist. 


Claire Collison. Going to one of her Truth is Beauty performances was life-changing for me.  

Conrad Freese. Through his yoga sessions for people in cancer treatment I started to come to terms with my changed body. 

Shine Cancer Support for young adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s, and Shine NE friends, Rachel, Sarah, Nissa, Shirley, Helen, Soraya. 

I am not affiliated to the following groups, but if you want more information about going flat after breast cancer, you may find them helpful - I certainly have.

After Breast Cancer Diagnosis supports primary and secondary breast cancer patients to make informed choices. The ABCD Infographic on ILC was especially useful. 

Flat Friends supports women who have had or may face single or double mastectomy without reconstruction. UK Registered Charity 1168730.

Not Putting on a Shirt believes women facing mastectomy deserve full disclosure of all of their reconstructive options, including aesthetic flat closure, and to have their informed consent respected. Based in the USA with a Council of International Advocates. 

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